Amazing Robotic Toy – The Sphero

Tech toys are growing in popularity year after year.  We don’t yet have robots in our houses like in the movie “I Robot”, but our kids can now have toy robots in their bedrooms.  The technology development has come so far along that good quality and highly advanced robot toys are available at affordable prices.

Robotic toys come in all shapes and sizes, and some robot toys you might not even characterize as robots.  Some categories of robotic toys are as follows:

  • Entertainment robotic toys
  • R/C robot toys (remote controlled)
  • Robot gadgets
  • Robot pets (e.g. dogs and cats)

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Amazing Robotic Toy – The Sphero review

The Sphero robotic toy is one of the hottest robot toys out there.  Like I mentioned before not all robotic toys actually look like robots, and this toy is in the shape of … a sphere.  Just a ball, but a ball that can do some really cool tricks.

The main function of Sphero is to go where you tell it to.  This toy is controlled by an app on your mobile device, and it travels according to the tilt and touch of your device – all controlled by you.  There are single- and multi-player games available that increase the usefulness and fun factor of this device.  The toy also includes a camera.

The Sphero is rather small – about the size of a baseball.  That makes it easy to transport. And the smaller size conserves battery power – up to an hour of play on a single charge.

Amazing Robotic Toy – The Sphero

There are about 7 companion apps that interact with the toy.  These include a golf app, Sphero Cam which uses the onboard camera, Draw N Drive, and MacroLab in which you can program Sphero’s movements.

Sphero is compatible with a variety of mobile platforms, including iOS 4.0 or greater, Android 2.2, Android 2.3.3+, and Android 3.0+. The price of this cool toy is not out of reach – the list price is in the $130 range but typically sells for about $80.

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