Hatchimals Take Over Christmas Updated

Hatchimals are about to take this Christmas by storm – we believe it will become the hottest must-have interactive toy for 2016.  Never heard of Hatchimals before?  You’re not alone, but if you will be buying gifts and toys for kids in 2016 you need to know what they are.  Maybe you remember the Tamagotchi toys of the 1990’s – those little interactive digital “pets” that were a big craze for a few years.  Hatchimals are very similar to Tamagotchi pets and even Furbys, but exhibit more advanced behaviors due to the advanced technologies around today.

UPDATE:  Hatchimals are selling out everywhere.  Why not check out our Hatchimal Alternatives.

Hatchimals by Spin Master

At its beginning a Hatchimal pet starts out in its own plastic egg.  After a bit of playtime (about 30 minutes) the figure starts pecking its way out of the egg.  After this initial “hatching” the toys will react and respond to a child’s play – when you tap on it, the Hatchimal taps back. When you stroke the top or bottom, it lights up and makes sounds.

This toy is designed to grow up and mature the more it is played with over the course of days and weeks.  This way children will not give up on the toy too quickly (at least that’s the hope anyway).   After its hatchling phase the pet becomes a toddler and eventually an adult Hatchimal.  As a baby you feed it by touching its beak to the floor. It becomes more interactive as a toddler (dancing and speaking) and then it will play games as it matures to adulthood.

The price is not too high for a toy like this, and we recommend that if you are interested in buying them don’t wait.  Hatchimals may sell out quickly and may not be available closer to Christmas.

Recommended for aged 5-10 years.

There are two variations of Hatchimals:  Draggles and Penguala (click image to find more information on Amazon):

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