Hot Interactive Toys For Kids [A Review]

It’s just 2 months until Christmas, and the toy-buying season is ramping up just as it does every year at this time.  So we’re keeping an eye out for the popular trends.  And we’re seeing that Interactive toys are the bee’s knees this year.  I’m not talking about video games, but toys that unlock a child’s imagination.  So if you’re looking for a toy for a younger child here are some ideas that should lead Interactive Toys to hours of interactive fun.

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B Woofer Guitar

Most children have a musical streak, so why not bring out your child’s inner rock star with this cool guitar. The B Woofer Guitar plays 20 familiar songs and nine “doggie ditties.”  It has realistic strings that let your little musician play like a real rock star.  It’s even smart enough to turn itself off to save on those expensive batteries.

Magna Tiles Clear Color Construction Set

Recommended for: Ages 2+ years

We all know that Legos sets are the hottest construction toys around, but here is a fantastic alternative.  The Magna Tiles construction pieces easily attach and come apart.  With these colorful tiles a child can easily build large structures without having to piece together dozens or hundreds of small pieces.

These sets come in many different sizes, so you can easily find a set to meet your budget and your child’s appetite for fun.

Qwirkle Board Game

Recommended ages: 3+ years

The Qwirkle board game mixes concepts of both Uno and dominoes.  Players advance by placing blocks with matching colors and shapes next to each other.  It is designed for kids as young as 6, and it should be a lot of fun on those cold winter nights when you’re looking for some family fun time.

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