Do Rugby Players Wear Helmets? 2021 Guide

Do you know the most important things to play rugby? There may be many people questioning, Do Rugby Players Wear Helmets? You have to know that in any sport, safety is one of the most important things that you should pay attention to. For rugby, you have to protect your head because of the risk of falling and the danger that comes from the rugby balls. So you need to have a good helmet that makes your play safer and better, right?.

However, there are a lot of helmets to you from many brands, so it is necessary to be clear to get your suited one. To do that, let’s check the list of best-recommended rugby helmet.

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And what are the benefits that we get back from each rugby match? Do not cancel the reading because this will be the answer for you.

#1 Health benefits

You will improve your body to be healthier day by day. Thanks to the regular arm and leg activities, the strength of the upper body when you pitch, the muscles will improve. And the legs will be more supple when you run regularly.

#2 Benefits in flexibility

Agility is the key. At that time, direction and speed will help you to constantly turn around and stay alert to any unexpected situations from the opponent. Any surprise coming from your opponent is one time to help you improve your flexibility and reflexes.

#3 Benefits help you improve and boost your confidence

Your confidence is increasingly motivated by the number of opponents you are facing. You will increasingly brave the situations that happen on the rugby court. Team spirit and solidarity of the whole team will increase confidence not only for you but also for the whole group.

#4 Benefits in dexterity, coordination, and coordination.

One of the characteristics that Rugby brings to you is its ability to coordinate. Not only is the coordination between the players but also the coordination between your organs such as the hands, eyes, feet and brain. Improved a lot of skills good for the body to react and react faster to unexpected situations.

Rugby is a sport that when anyone thinks about it, it is quite dangerous. This is a popular sport for the gentlemen and has even been played at the World Cup. Rugby was first appeared in 1823 in the United Kingdom. With its competitive traits, many people fear the safety of a sport.

The gameplay is quite simple, the two teams will use their hands, hold the rugby ball and use all their strength to collide with each other to keep the ball. So most of the danger could come from bumps from players, others dangerous from the rugby ball itself. Although, undeniably the amazing benefits that rugby can have for us, we should not ignore the dangers of this sport.

That’s why, everyone needs to equip themselves with a rugby helmet. Aim to protect yourself from head injuries. The brain is an extremely sensitive and important organ. According to one study, most rugby athletes after retirement experience a headache. As can be seen, the level of danger of rugby always lurking after each game, from the collision, crashing into each other or acrobatic makes you shiver. If we let head trauma happen frequently, we fear that it can lead to damage to our brain for a long time.

Playing rugby without a helmet can be very dangerous practice. It’s like playing tennis without you having any tennis. They are also the reason for you to lose and lose in every match. I think the Sports Association should make wearing the rugby helmet a must in order not to run into a bad situation with anyone.

How to Choose a Good Rugby Helmet?

Wearing a helmet in rugby in particular and any sport in general is a must. No one who wants to play sports is in danger. However, choosing the wrong and inappropriate rugby helmet will also be dangerous. Join us in finding good rugby helmets and ways to choose them.

#1 Please check the size of the rugby helmet before buying

First of all, no one wants to own a rugby helmet that doesn’t fit their head. It is a waste if we buy a product that we cannot use. Check out your head sizes and try a few sizes. See where is the size that makes you feel comfortable and not uncomfortable when wearing the rugby helmet.

#2 Pay attention to big brands

One thing is for sure, big brands that are interested by many will be a great and wise choice. Because you can see how they experience and have the most impressive feedback about the product. It is their share to help you choose the fastest rugby helmet. Remember that a brand that is well known and chosen by many is a fairly safe solution, as they have been pre-evaluated for quality. People are almost always in the habit of promoting brands with big value. Because they have prestige, reputation and value. So customers will trust more. Gondeee chose rugby helmets from many different brands, such as the Barnett Heat; EliteTek; Surf; Legendfit; …

#3 Never forget to check the materials and ingredients of your products

Because when wearing the rugby helmet, you don’t want to encounter an unpleasant, aggressive feeling. So choose products with moderate weight, to avoid adversely affecting your performance.

#4 Check the safety and durability of the product.

Safety is the most important element of a rugby helmet. If not safe, they would not have called helmets. Currently on the market there are many low-quality rugby helmets, making them expensive to buy but not for long-term use. Choose a large store or website to buy products because their after-sales service is mostly pretty good. No one wants to buy a high-priced product that offers no value because it doesn’t match reality and expectation.

#5 Finally, the design of a rugby helmet is also an element that may be of interest to you.

If you have a team, or you simply want to stand out, don’t miss the rugby helmets that feature striking colors, impressive designs and eye-catching details. Surely you are extremely outstanding.

The above are steps for you to choose a good rugby helmet for you.


Hot Toy Guide Team knows each person has a habit of buying and evaluating products according to different criteria. Let us know what is the rugby helmet how you choose to be in the comments section.

Either way, helmets are an essential item for a sports player, especially a potentially dangerous sport like rugby. The brain is the center of the body, any injury affecting the brain is going to be a big deal for your body.

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