Yes, Furbys are Still Popular Toys

The Furby line of toys was first introduced in 1998 and that first line sold for only 3 years.  I say “only” because during that short time over 40 million of these popular toys were sold.  There have been several iterations of Furbys since then, and they are still fairly popular toys, although I don’t think I would exactly call them hot.


If you are unfamiliar with Furbys then these are small furry toys that are essentially small toy robots that are designed to be trained to become domesticated, such as “learning” English.  They also sing and dance, and react to interaction from humans.  One of the most interesting (and frustrating) aspect of these toys is the difficulty of turning them off.  There are actually a few ways to turn them off, but the involve doing something special with the toy (e.g. pulling its tail for 10 seconds).  There is no on/off switch on these toys, which adds to the frustration.  Most people are unaware of these “trick” procedures.

In addition there is extreme motion sensitivity that can cause them to “wake up” in response to the slightest movement.  Once woken up it is difficult to silence them again unless they are left alone to return to “sleep”.

Despite these unusual features Furbys continue to be refreshed every few years, and they continue to sell well.  Children apparently enjoy their behavior, and are highly entertained by the silly songs and dance. The current line of toys is called Furby Boom, and they are produced by the Hasbro company.


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