What’s New with Hatchimals in 2019

If you were a toy-buying adult in 2016 you may very well remember the craze that is known as Hatchimals.  This line of toys created by SpinMaster took the world by storm that Christmas, resulting in some very disappointed kids as well as some frazzled parents who couldn’t find the beloved toys.

But more than two years later the Hatchimal landscape is much different in 2019 than in 2016. The line of toys is much larger now and far easier to purchase. There are too many individual products to review on this page, so we’ll just pick a few representative samples to whet your appetite.

These days there are two broad categories of Hatchimals:  The original furry Hatchimal figures, and the sets of smaller CollEGGtibles.

Traditional Hatchimals

This Hatchimal is actually one of the HatchiBabies Ponette species.  The mystery is that you don’t know if the Hatchimal will be a boy or a girl.   To find out who’s inside, hug, tap, snuggle and pat your HatchiBaby’s egg. When it hears you, it will respond with cute sounds.  Check it out:

Hatchibabies - Ponette

HatchiBabies – Ponette

Here is a Hatchimal that is more like the originals.  It is a Mystery Hatchimal which you have to take care of until it magically hatches.  You won’t find out which Hatchimal emerges until hatching time.  How exciting!

Hatchimals Mystery

Hatchimals Mystery


This Season 3 of the COllEGGtibles Easter Egg Carton are really cute, and are perfect for Easter.  Who knows which Hatchimals you’ll find inside this 12-Pack Egg Carton. With over 100 new characters to meet, you can add new friends to your collection and hatch a whole world. This egg carton even contains an exclusive Hatchimal – the Newtnat.  Although adorable these little Hatchimals are not appropriate for children under 3.

Hatchimal Set of Eggs

Hatchimal Easter Egg Carton

Also check out the Season Two Easter Egg Carton.

Here is another set of CollEGGtibles – the Season 4 CollEGGtible 4-Pack.  To see your character glow just place a light below the colorful egg.  Open this set and you’ll find one already-hatched Hatchimals and four Hatchimals still in their eggs. Use love and care to warm each egg until the color-changing heart transforms from purple to pink.

Season 4 CollEGGtible 4-Pack

Season 4 CollEGGtible 4-Pack

Here is our original Hatchimal article.

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