The Trolls are Back in Town

Troll dolls were first introduced in 1959, and they have been around for decades ever since.  Their claim to fame is their wild and crazy hair – it’s always fun to manipulate their hair into different shapes and styles.  The original Troll dolls are the most collectible, and then after years of being improperly and illegally copied by the millions the Troll franchise was purchased by Dreamworks.  And now in 2016 Dreamworks is releasing a major animated movie called simply: Trolls.

It can be tough to find interesting Trolls toys beyond, well, the dolls.  But to celebrate the Trolls movie we picked out an interesting selection of toys that we think kids will have fun with.

Poppy’s Coronation Pod


Trolls Coronation Pod

Poppy is the Trolls’ heroic leader, and the Coronation Pod is a really fun toy set to celebrate his coronation. This set features a magical dance floor that lights and spins.  Two Troll dolls are included as well as a number of other small “party” accessories.

Due to the small pieces this set is only for kids ages 3 and up.

buy-amazon-button2Set of 5 Trolls Figures


Set of Trolls Figures

We really like the selection of Trolls figures for this set.  The set includes the following Trolls: Poppy, Branch, DJ Suki, Harper, and Guy Diamond.  The figures have the famous “crazy” hair, and they are approximately 4 inches tall.  Each figure comes with an accessory.  This is for ages 4 and up.

buy-amazon-button2Poppy and Twins Celebration Pack

Poppy and Twins Celebration Pack

Poppy and Twins Celebration Pack

Keeping with the theme of celebration we now present you with the Poppy and Twins Celebration Pack.  This is primarily a fashion-based playset in which you child dresses up the figures to recreate the celebration from the Trolls movie.  There are over 20 fashion pieces to go along with the three Trolls figures.


Trolls Glitter Scrapbook Kit

Trolls Scrapbook Kit

Trolls Scrapbook Kit

This arts and crafts Trolls Glitter Scrapbook Kit looks like a great way for kids to create memories of the Trolls using characters from the movie.  In addition to the characters there are lots of art supplies included to create a truly unique scrapbook, with 64 Crayons, 12 Short Colored Pencils, 20 Super Tips Markers, 3 Tubes of Glitter Glue, and even a Glitter Sticker Sheet.  Expect to see shiny and very personal creations from your kids with this set at their

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