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tegu-pocket-setWhat is Tegu?  We at Hot Toy Guide wondered the same thing when we first discovered them a few weeks ago.  The simplest way to describe Tegu is that they are well-design wooden construction pieces that attach magnetically to each other.  The best thing is that the magnets are inside the wood, not exposed.  This makes the pieces safer, more aesthetic, and longer lasting.

Other Advantages to buying Tegu

Although Tegu toys are clearly well designed, premium products (and which come with a higher price tag) they are made with social responsibility in mind.  When you buy a Tegu product you are given the opportunity to direct a portion of the proceeds to two Tegu initiatives: reforestation and education for the impoverished.  Tegu products are made in Honduras, from non-endangered wood.  The company is dedicated to be a good corporate citizen.  They are so transparent with their operations that they even invite people to visit the manufacturing site in Honduras.

42-Piece Tinted Set

Tegu - 42 Piece Set

Tegu – 42 Piece Set

The Tegu 42-piece tinted play set is a great starting point.  It offers enough pieces to build some interesting objects, but not too much to break your bank.

8-Piece Pocket Set


Tegu 8-Piece Pocket Set

This 8-Piece Tegu travel set has enough pieces for some casual playtime when you’re on the go, such as in a car or on a plane.  The handy carrying case keeps everything together (and it looks great too).

Tegu Skyhook Block Set


Tegu Skyhook

Not all Tegu sets are free-form construction sets.  The Tegu Skyhook is a mini-helicopter that enhances the play experience of the other Tegu construction sets.  It’s a fun addition that kids will love.

Other Tegu Sets

There a tons of other Tegu sets to choose from.  Here are a few more, but you can easily search on Amazon for more Tegu Sets.

52-Piece Natural Set

52-Piece Natural Set

Tegu Robo Block Set

Tegu Robo Block Set

130-Piece Classroom Set

130-Piece Classroom Set


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