Top Construction Toys for 2019

It may only be January, but we’ve already got some of the top toys lined up for the year to come.  Toy companies can’t wait until later in the year to finalize their toy production plans, so toys are release very early in the year to get exposure and to begin selling.

Let’s start our reviews with the Construction Toy category.  Lego is still a big player, but there are many other construction toys that are very popular with kids these days.  These other construction sets target different types of skills and attributes of the young builders. Let’s sett what we’ve got.

GeoSmart Flip Bot

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GeoSmart Flip Bot is a 30-pieces geomagnetic construction set that doesn’t just sit there.  This set includes turbo motors to get your finished product moving.  The remote vehicles can zoom, spin, and flip over. We like it as an ideal STEM magnetic construction set.  The set features bright colors, strong magnetic pieces and, for those worried about the magnet, a patented double-safety system.

Flip Bot’s turbo motors use internal, rechargeable batteries, while the remote control requires AAA batteries (sold separately).

Recommended for: Age 5 and up

Gravitrax Construction Set

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Click to check out Gravitrax on Amazon

GraviTrax is not just a construction set – it is an interactive track system where kids can design and build custom marble runs. This STEM toy encourages experimenting with magnetism, gravity, and kinetics to transport each marble to the finish.

This construction toy set offers oceans of possibilities to design a different track every time.  Builds can be expanded with a variety of expansion sets and accessories.  (The set linked here is the Ravensberger starter set)

Recommended for: Ages 8 and up

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Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Machines in Motion

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Check Out Gears! Gears! Gears on Amazon

Gears! Gears! Gears! is another unique construction toy set that is garnering awards in 2018 and 2019.  This set is for the younger kids who can build their own interactive machines and vehicles with included instructions that incorporate a wrecking ball, chains, pulleys, and wheels.  This set is ideal for boys and girls who like building and assembling things. Kids work together to build things they’ve designed.  There are plenty of pieces in this set – no more worrying about running out before your design is done.

Recommended for: Ages 4-8 years old

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Snap Circuits BRIC: Structures


Click to check out Bric Circuits on Amazon

Click to check out Bric Circuits on Amazon

Snap Circuits Bric Structures combines Snap Circuits and compatible brics to energize your kids’ brick building experience.  Kids can wire up their brick builds with Snap Circuits lights, sounds, moving parts, and 3-D circuits.  In this way they can invent just about anything and make it go.  Snap Circuits features building components that have snaps to assemble electronic circuits that function like the printed circuit board found in many electronic products.

Recommended for: Ages 8 and up

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Tegu – Best Educational Toys

tegu-pocket-setWhat is Tegu?  We at Hot Toy Guide wondered the same thing when we first discovered them a few weeks ago.  The simplest way to describe Tegu is that they are well-design wooden construction pieces that attach magnetically to each other.  The best thing is that the magnets are inside the wood, not exposed.  This makes the pieces safer, more aesthetic, and longer lasting.

Other Advantages to buying Tegu

Although Tegu toys are clearly well designed, premium products (and which come with a higher price tag) they are made with social responsibility in mind.  When you buy a Tegu product you are given the opportunity to direct a portion of the proceeds to two Tegu initiatives: reforestation and education for the impoverished.  Tegu products are made in Honduras, from non-endangered wood.  The company is dedicated to be a good corporate citizen.  They are so transparent with their operations that they even invite people to visit the manufacturing site in Honduras.

42-Piece Tinted Set

Tegu - 42 Piece Set

Tegu – 42 Piece Set

The Tegu 42-piece tinted play set is a great starting point.  It offers enough pieces to build some interesting objects, but not too much to break your bank.

8-Piece Pocket Set


Tegu 8-Piece Pocket Set

This 8-Piece Tegu travel set has enough pieces for some casual playtime when you’re on the go, such as in a car or on a plane.  The handy carrying case keeps everything together (and it looks great too).

Tegu Skyhook Block Set


Tegu Skyhook

Not all Tegu sets are free-form construction sets.  The Tegu Skyhook is a mini-helicopter that enhances the play experience of the other Tegu construction sets.  It’s a fun addition that kids will love.

Other Tegu Sets

There a tons of other Tegu sets to choose from.  Here are a few more, but you can easily search on Amazon for more Tegu Sets.

52-Piece Natural Set

52-Piece Natural Set

Tegu Robo Block Set

Tegu Robo Block Set

130-Piece Classroom Set

130-Piece Classroom Set


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Top Leapfrog Toys for 2014

LeapFrogLogoLeapfrog has been around for 20 years, being founded in 1995.  LeapFrog designs, develops, and markets technology-based learning products and related content for the education of children from infancy through grade school.  The product line of this innovative company has continued to grow year after year, and 2014 is no different.


Here is a run-down of some of the newer product releases of Leapfrog.




The Leapfrog LeapPad series has been a mainstay product line for this company for many years.  The Leap Frog LeapPad3 tablet is the very latest version in this perennial favorite.

New features for the LeapPad3:

  • 5-inch capacitive resistance screen … very responsive to a finger’s touch
  • Built-in Lithium ion battery – 6+ hours of charge (new for the Leappad3)
  • 480p video recording … a big improvement over the Leappad2’s 240p
  • WIFI-capable, and LeapSearch – the kid-safe searching feature
  • 1GHz processor

Also features the following:

  • Includes 10 apps (onboard and downloadable): Photo Lab, Art Studio, Pet Pad, LeapFrog Learning Songs and more.
  • Works with LeapFrog’s educator-approved library of over 1000+ games, eBooks, videos and more.
  • Rechargeable Battery – no need for disposable batteries
  • Recommended for Ages 3-9 years

This nearly brand-new release already has very good reviews on Amazon, such as:

“Great update to the trusty and kid-friendly LeapPad” – D.F.

“Overall a solid improvement over LeapPad2” – Jeffro

“My 7-year old Approves!” – Krissy




Also available is the is the LeapPad2.  If you are tight for money this tablet is perfectly functional, since it was only just replaced by the Leappad3.  This version of the LeapPad has the following features:

  • Features front-and-back 2 megapixel cameras/video recorders, eReader, music player, motion sensor, 5-Inch touch screen and 4GB memory.
  • LeapPad2 Power includes 9 apps (onboard and downloadable): Photo Lab, Art Studio, Pet Pad, LeapFrog Learning Songs and more.
  • Works with LeapFrog’s educator-approved library of over 800+ games, eBooks, videos and more.
  • Rechargeable Battery – no need for disposable batteries
  • Recommended for Ages 3-9 years.



Leapfrog LeapReader

The Leapfrog LeapReader helps your child learn to read and write with confidence by teaching reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening skills.  LeapReader is the complete learn-to-read-and-write system that helps your child learn to read and write by sounding out words and guiding letter strokes interactively.  LeapReader engages kids in imaginative stories with lively character voices while building vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

  • Features a LeapReader, activity sampler, Learning Paper writing sheet plus download 1 Audio Book Bundle, 1 Music Album and 1 Trivia Challenge pack
  • Works with LeapReader and Tag books* (a library of 150+ books, games and more). Sold separately. *Select Tag books only
  • Teaches reading, comprehension, phonics skills, vocabulary, writing and letter forms
  • Recommended for Ages 4-8 years.

tip-cartLeapfrog Learning Toys

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop


My Own Leaptop

The My Own Leaptop has the following features:

  • Learn the alphabet, spell your name and more!
  • Customize My Own Leaptop to spell your child’s name.
  • Send and receive pretend emails, learn letters and animal names, and sing along with 16 songs and melodies.
  • Packaging, color and functionality may vary. Ages 3+ years.
  • 4 learning modes, including ABCs, Messages, Games, and Music.

Scribble and Write


Scribble and Write

The Leappad Scribble & Write offers multiple levels of learning fun, from early exploration of letter shapes to stroke-by-stroke instant accuracy feedback. Kids are guided to write letters in an engaging and interactive experience at their own pace.

  • Trace the lights to learn how to write!
  • New writing accuracy feedback and easy-grip stylus
  • Now teaches A-Z and 1-10
  • Ages 3+ years


Disclaimer: This post may contain Affiliate links. Prices may change at any time. Do your own research before purchasing.