Ryan’s World Toys Review

If you have not heard of one of the youngest “influencers” on YouTube then let us introduce you to Ryan.

Ryan is the star of the YouTube channel Ryan Toys Review, where thousands of followers gobble up his toy unboxing videos and toy reviews.  He is a huge hit with kids and adults alike. He has become such a hit that he now has his own toy brand – called Ryan’s World.  In this post we’ll go over a few of them, and give our general impressions.

Firstly, your decision to purchase a Ryan’s World branded toy will not likely be driven by quality or price, but by Ryan himself.  He is such an engaging character that children will desire his merchandise just like any of the other TV-driven brands like Dora the Explorer, Doc McStuffins, or Cayou.  Given this, you should shop carefully.  Ryan’s World toys are not especially inexpensive, typically priced higher than comparable products of other brands, so selectively compare prices of the different products you are considering.

Ryan’s World Toys are targeted toward younger children, such as in the 3-5 year old range.  Most are rated for children over 3 years old due to containing small parts, and to be honest the toys are a little too simplistic for children much older than 5.

With this backdrop here are a selection of Ryan’s World toys that we find are interesting.

Ryan’s World Roaring Dinosaur

Ryan’s World Roaring Dinosaur

The Ryan’s World Roaring Triceratops plush toy firstly is very cute and visually appealing.  It comes with fun animated action, and dinosaur sound.  As mentioned before this toy is a bit pricey, and some comments have mentioned difficulty in replacing the batteries.  But the toy itself should evoke a great reaction from the child receiving it.

Recommended for ages 3+ years old

Ryan’s World Surprise Giant Mystery Egg

Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg

Let’s be right up front about the Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg: this big egg is filled with small toys, and although your child will be thrilled to receive this egg, just be very cautious about the price you are willing to pay.  The different colored eggs will vary in price from $40 to $70+.   You may be satisfied when you pay the lower price range, but you may be disappointed if you pay near the higher prices.

This egg is supposed to give your child the same joy of unboxing and surprise that Ryan experiences on his YouTube channel.  For the fans of Ryan this egg will likely accomplish this goal.  So consider that when making your decision.

Recommended for ages 3+ years, due to small parts.

Ryan’s Patrol Car

Ryan’s World Patrol Car

This cute little Ryan’s Patrol Car is an affordable toy that can elate your young one, and not break your bank.  The packaging sports the trademark image of a thrilled Ryan with thumbs way up. The toy itself has a unique design that will give you child plenty of playtime.  It has good ratings compared to some of the other Ryan’s World toys.

Recommended for ages 3+ years.


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