10 Hot New Toys of 2017

Christmas is just a few short months away, and some really cool new toys are emerging as possible top-sellers that you’ll want to take a serious look at.  This list takes a different look at toys and games – not necessarily offerings from the huge toy franchises, but the unique and the cutting edge.

Fingerlings by Wowwee



Fingerlings are adorable baby monkeys that are curious about the world around them—starting with you! These interactive pets love to hang onto your finger, blink their eyes, turn their heads, blow kisses, swing by their tails, and talk in monkey babble!  Kids will just love to interact with them. There are a number of different Fingerlings to choose from – different names and different colors.  Check them all out.

Recommended For Ages 3 and up.


Laser X Laser Gaming Set

Laser X Gaming Set


I haven’t met a kid (including my own) that doesn’t love to play laser tag.  With one of these Laser X gaming sets you can have the same laser fun at home.  Blast your opponent’s receiver vest from up to 200′ away. Full Color Lighting Effects let you keep track of shots and hits. Interactive voice coach gives tips, feedback during the game. Plug in headphones and hear the Laser X Soundtrack and Sound Effect.

Recommended For Ages 8 and up.


Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000

Nerf Artemis Rival

Nerf Rival Artemis

Nerf has a long history of making fun and safe toys guns and blasters.  The Nerf Rival Artemis is a high capacity blaster that holds 30 high-impact rounds.  It has a rotating barrel and an easy-load integrated magazine. Just like its predecessors this blaster will yield hours and hours of great indoor and outdoor fun.

Recommended For Ages 14 and up


Fisher-Price Think & Learn Tag ‘n Teach Movi

Think & Learn Tag 'n Teach Movi

Think & Learn Tag ‘n Teach Movi

The Fisher Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi is a really fun interactive toy for preschoolers.  It encourages kids to get their minds and bodies moving while teaching them how to follow directions and think critically about the world around them.  It has 3 game modes and 6 games to choose from.  Teach ‘n Tag Movi may be asking kids questions to engage their critical thinking skills, prompting them to follow directions to a fun game, or getting silly on the dance floor. Kids will have a blast with this toy.

Recommended For Ages 3-6 Years


Power Wheels Wild Thing

Power Wheels Wild Thing

Power Wheels Wild Thing

The Power Wheel Wild Thing vehicle looks awesome!  It is a self-powered ride-on toy with 360 degree action.  It goes forward, reverse, and spins in place.  ALong with the motion possibilities it looks really cool with its exposed metal structure, extra-wide seat and oversized tires.  The rider uses the dual joysticks to control the steering forward and backward – and the exciting spinning action,

Recommended For Ages 5-10 Years


Simon Star Wars Darth Vader Game

Simon - Darth Vader

Simon – Darth Vader

The Simon Darth Vader is the science fiction version of the classic Simon game.  Instead of boring buttons the elements of Darth Vader’s face light up to let you play the fun memory game that has been challenging generations of kids.  If you or your family loves Star Wars then this is a must-have toy.

Recommended Far Ages 8 and up (although kids of any age can give this toy a try)


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5 Hot Toys for 2017 – Early Look

Summer is just starting but it’s a perfect time to start looking ahead at what might be the hottest toys for Christmas in 2017.  There are a lot of great candidates, toys and gadgets for for all ages.

1. Hatchimals – The Hottest Toy for 2016 is Back!

Hatchimals took the world by storm last year, and within days it they’re release they were sold out and were hard to find all the way through Christmas.  We expect availability to improve this year, but you can never be too sure.

A new type of Hatchimal this year is the Hatchimal Glittering Garden.  The Sparkly Penguala is one of the more popular Hatchimal creatures on the market.  Each Glittering Garden Hatchimal has sparkly fur and twinkly wings.  The process is simple:  Help them Hatch, Raise your Hatchimal, then play Interactive Games.  The quality has improved since 2016, so you shouldn’t let that bother you in 2017.

Another types of Hatchimals is the collectible series called Colleggtibles.  These are smaller creatures that your child can collect and use their imagination with.

2 – Fidget Spinners and Fidget Cubes


Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners have experienced a roller coaster in 2016.  These stress-relieving toys have become a viral toy in the beginning part of the year, then quickly attracted some negative press because of some reports of dangers to small children.  So let’s put a disclaimer right up front:  Do not buy a fidget spinner for small children.

There are so many fidget spinners on the market, so use this link to view a selection of fidget spinners on Amazon.

Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube

An alternative to the fidget spinner is the fidget cube.  These are considered more socially acceptable, and give you a few more options to release your stress with.

3. Furreal Friends Flurry

Furreal Friends - Flurry

Furreal Friends – Flurry

Here is another repeat hot toy from 2016, but this is still a very popular item in 2017.  The electronics pets from Furreal Friends are widely popular with children as well as nursing homes.  Yes the elderly can actually benefit with an electronic toy they can interact with.  This cute pet named Flurry Pet coos, kicks, and walks to you when you shake her rattle – more than 45 sound combination.  Of course these pets are as soft as can be too.

4. Cozmo the Robot by Anki

Cozmo Robot

Cozmo Robot

Cozmo by Anki is a very highly rated robot toy, and we continue to recommend it year after year.  Cozmo learns more about you the longer you hang out with it.  He’s a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you interact with it.

5. Despicable Me Pie Face Game

Despicable Me Pie Face Game

Despicable Me Pie Face Game

The Despicable Me Pie Face Game is the marriage of the hottest kids game from last year and the hottest movie franchise over the past few years.  Kids will have a genuine blast with this game.

Disclaimer: This post may contain Affiliate links. Prices may change at any time. Do your own research before purchasing.