Animated Movie Toys – 2016

It is now autumn of 2016 and many of the popular animated movies have come and gone, but their merchandising will live on for months or years to come.  Disney does not have a stranglehold on animation these days.  The other prominent movie studios are churning out blockbusters that compete with and often beat Disney at their own game.  The age of fantastic animation is here, and it will only get better.

Here is a rundown of some of the hottest animated movies of 2016 and a representative sample of toys spun off from those movies.

Finding Dory

At this point in the year Disney’s Finding Dory is the #1 grossing movie of 2016.  This Finding Nemo sequel focuses on the forgetful fish Dory and has become a good example of a sequel that can be as good as the original.

Finding Dory Educational Kit

Finding Dory Educational Kit

For kids this Finding Dory 4-in-1 Educational Kit looks like it will be a blast.  Designed for kids 3-8 years old this kit has games that help children develop their observational skills as well as their memory.  It might just be a great gift for fans of Dory.


The Secret Life of Pets

Using a very original premise for a movie Universal Studios created the widely popular Secret Life of Pets.  The animation in this movie is superb, which made a lot of the action in the movie almost believable. The movie was filled with many fun-loving characters, each with his or her own personality.


Secret Life of Pets Apartment Playset

The Secret Life of Pets 3-Story Apartment playset just looks so darned cute.  It includes three pet figures (Max, Gidget and Snowball) and kids will have fun pretending they are playing with the real pets themselves.  The apartments are separate and can connect together in different ways.  Recommended for ages 4 and up.


Ty Beanie Baby Chloe Plush

Ty Beanie Baby Chloe Plush

There are many adorable Secret Life of Pets figures and plushes.  We just love the attitude of Chloe – typical cat all the way.  The Chloe plush is appropriate for ages 3 years and older.


Zootopia is yet another Disney animated hit movie.  Following the theme of animal-based animated moves Zootopia follows the unlikely teamwork between a rabbit police officer and a red fox con artist as they investigate the disappearance of predator civilians within their metropolis.

Zootopia Police Station Playset

The Zootopia Police Station playset puts you right into the action of this animated movie.  This set is over 31 inches wide and 13 inches tall, and includes the Clawhauser figure, and a mini-helicopter with mini-Safety Squirrel figure.  There is also a mini-projector that simulates a computer monitor with 3 different images.  There is a moving elevator, working jail cell, and lots of other fun things to play with.  Recommended for ages 3-6 years.

The Angry Birds Movie

The hugely popular gaming app has been transformed into a blockbuster movie.  Usually it’s the movie that spawns other consumer products, but in this case the Angry Birds mobile game clearly spawned the movie, and fans of the game are eating it up.

LEGO Angry Birds Set

LEGO Angry Birds Building Set

This LEGO Angry Birds building set offers hours of fun.  It includes 859 pieces which includes a wide array of movie-specific accessories and figures.  It is highly-rated on Amazon, as are most LEGO building sets, and we think most kids will get a real kick out of this set.  Recommended for ages 8-14.


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