Despicable Me Toys

The Universal Pictures blockbuster Despicable Me, as well as its sequel Despicable Me 2, have created a huge demand for licensed products.  As with any other children’s movie with lovable characters there are many opportunities to create toys and games that children of all ages love.

Here are some top selling Despicable Me toys with great reviews on Amazon.  Let’s start with a Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave Talking Action Figure, available on Amazon.  This toy is able to speak 55 Minion sayings & special effects.  If you press his pocket you will hear Dave talk with funny expressions, and press his pocket again or move his head for another response/expression

There is a banana mode where you press the back of Dave’s tongue and he will think you are feeding him.  Great for ages 4 and up:


Dave Talking Action Figure

Next up is another talking toy – the Gru talking action figure.  He has 25 sayings/laughs in the original voice.  He’s also moveable. Also good for ages 4 and up.


Gru Figure

Here’s a whole set of smaller Despicable Me figures, in case you can’t decide on which large figure your child would want:


Despicable Me Mini Figures

Next is a highly-rated board game that almost everyone would recognize.  Everyone loves to play Operation, so of course they come up with a Despicable Me Operation game.


Despicable Me Operation Game

I’ll have more popular Despicable Me toys in a future post, so stop back occasionally to check.

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