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santaFirst all we want to wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

It’s been a fantastic first year for  We created this site in early 2014 when we saw that we could provide a service to anyone looking for the most popular toys that kids really want.  Similar sites exist out there, but we made ours focused, fast-responding, and not burdened with advertisements.

We will be reviewing our site design and content in the early parts of 2015 and we hope to return even stronger mid-year with a site that’s even better than it was in 2014.  One area that will will focus on is age-based to and gift recommendations, especially for tweens and teens.  Having had children on this age we understand how difficult it can be to find gifts that they truly will appreciate, and not toss in the corner of their room untouched and unopened.

Also we’ll be looking for the next wave of hot toys, you know, to replace the likes of Disney’s Frozen (unless that’s still hot this time next year).  We don’t expect Legos to decline in popularity either, as well as unique interactive toys.

So we hope you will visit again in 2015, or anytime you need a great toy idea.

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Disclaimer: This post may contain Affiliate links. Prices may change at any time. Do your own research before purchasing.

Empty Shelf Check: Toys R Us

Black Friday 2014 is almost in the books, and we took a trip to our local Toys R Us to see what toys are the biggest sellers.  If you want to know what other people are buying for the little ones an actual toy-store check is the only way to do it.  So in no particular order here are the hot selling “empty shelf” toys as of Black Friday 2014.

Nerf N-Strike Centurion

nerf-centurionThe Nerf N-Strike toy guns allow your kids to release some energy as they run around shooting (completely safe) Nerf ammo.  There are a number of different guns in the N-Strike product line, but we found that the Nerf Centurion model was completely sold out.  If you can’t get your hands on this cool-looking toys you can try any other of the N-Strike models.

 LEGO Fusion Resort Designer

lego-fusion-resort-designerThe LEGO Fusion series allows kids to combine real LEGO brick building with their smartphone or tablet.  With the LEGO Fusion Resort Designer the child can actually build a summer dream resort.  There are a couple of other sets in the Fusion series, but this set seemed very popular.

LEGO Star Wars Vulture Droid

vulture-droidWith the upcoming Star Wars VII movie the Star Wars LEGO sets are building in popularity again.  This is a very cool Vulture Droid construction set.  Your child will have fun both constructing it and creating their own action. Like the other toys on this list, its shelf was bare in the brick-and-mortar store.

LEGO Galaxy Squad

lego-galaxy-squadThe LEGO Galaxy Squad series of construction sets are really popular right now.  Galaxy Squad is a spaced themed series of LEGO construction sets.  The theme features a group of humans and their robotic sidekicks defending planets from an impending invasion by seemingly malignant alien “bugs”, resembling anthropomorphic insects.  There are many sets to choose from.

LEGO Heartlake Shop

heartlake-mallThe last LEGO item on this list is from the highly popular Friends series.  This set, the Heartlake Shopping Mall, has so many parts and pieces that the girl on your list will have a great time with her pretend time.

Kre-O Construction Sets

kreo-setsKre-O is a line of construction toys (similar to LEGO) that were first released in 2011.   The sets feature highly articulated humanoid figures called Kreons.  There are a number of sets to choose from, so take your pick.



Shopkins is a line of store-themed toy sets with characters that allow girls to collect, share, and trade.  Kids love to collect things, and Shopkins provide the perfect way to build a collection and get more play value with accessories.  There are many sets available, so search the websites to find one (or more) appropriate for your child.

 Zoomer Dino

zoomer-dinoThe Zoomer Dino is a fun remote control toy, but it’s more that just that.  This robotic dinosaur actually balances while freely roaming around your home.  You can get some reactions from him by pulling his tail, chasing him, and even trying to teach him to dance.

 Disney Junior Play & Read Gift Sets

disney-play-readThe Disney Junior Read & Play Gift Sets have fun interactive books that make reading time a hoot.  The story topics encourage learning, and of course they have adorable Disney Junior character illustrations.  There are a number of sets to choose from.

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Disclaimer: This post may contain Affiliate links. Prices may change at any time. Do your own research before purchasing.