2014 – The Year of Lego

star-wars-wiiThe Lego company is having a banner year so far, and it is destined to last for months to come. If you can think of any major action movie there is usually at least one Lego set to go along with it.

The Lego company was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen. The first Lego bricks were made of wood, which was consistent with the toys at the time. In 1947 they started producing their toys in plastic.

For many years their bread-and-butter was general building sets, leaving much to the imagination of the child. Many of us can remember digging into a large pile of assorted Lego bricks, building whatever came to our mind. Often the colors didn’t matter, unless we were going for a particularly eye-catching design.

But in more recent years Lego has created a lot more engineered sets, with a single purpose. These are building sets that are designed to be built into a single item or items, such as a Batman car, or a Star Wars tie fighter. They have often created sets in association with popular TV shows or hit movies.

UPDATE for 2015: Hot Lego Sets for 2015

In the 2000’s Lego created a very popular line of sets called Bionicle. Over the course of a decade the sets became large and more complex, and many children received and enjoyed the Bionicle series. it was hugely popular for Lego. But after a decade this line was replaced with Hero Factory.

Lego Movie Playsets

In 2014 the story changes a little. Lego now has a major motion picture, which is raking in the money at the box office. Now they have sets tied to their own hit movie, rather than for some other company. Here are some of those LEGO Movie-themed sets:

Top Selling Sets – Updated November 2014

Here are some top-selling sets directly from Amazon. You’ll notice that the top 5 sets are all Minecraft sets.

lego-the-caveLEGO Minecraft – The Cave 21113

minecraft-lego-villageLEGO Minecraft – The Village 21105

lego-the-farmLEGO Minecraft – The Farm 21114

lego-first-nightLEGO Minecraft – The First Night 21115

lego-crafting-boxLEGO Minecraft – Crafting Box 21116

lego-31010LEGO Creator Treehouse 31010

lego-76011LEGO Superheroes Batman 76011


Finally, since there are so many Lego sets available here are some shortcut links to Amazon search pages featuring the most popular kinds of sets:

For more reading visit the Lego Wikipedia Page

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