Hot Toy Guide – Top Toys of 2015

Hot toy trends right now for 2015 … 

Are you looking for one of the hottest toys and games of 2015 to give as a birthday or Christmas present for that special boy or girl?  Not sure which tablet to buy? What about drones and quadcopters? Have no fear – we are dedicated to helping you find just the perfect toy or device when you need to give just the right gift to that child on your gift-giving list.  There are many thousands of toys on the market so it can be dizzying to find a toy that not only fits the child you are buying for, but is also highly-rated by other buyers.

We highlight new and trending toys that are expected to be hot in the upcoming Xmas season.

Did You Know:
Just 114 online shopping days til Christmas!!!

(Hint: Don’t wait to the last minute for popular items)

Which Toy Do You Want To Find Right Now?

These category links will display articles related to each category.  This is a quick way to find the right toy for your child.

Toys For All Kids … Non age-specific
Toys For Boys … Boys will be boys
Toys For Girls … Frozen and other toys
Toys for Toddlers … For the little ones
Tablets/Technology … A must-have category of toys
Toys For Grown-ups … For the rest of us
Disney’s “Frozen” Toys … Of Course

Toys for Infants and Babies (0-1 years)
Toys for Toddlers(1-3 years)
Toys for Young Children (3-6 years)

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Most Wished For Toys of 2015

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Need a Jump Start? Here’s What’s Hot Right Now

Currently the hottest Christmas toys include those from Disney’s Frozen (red hot), Star Wars, and Legos. But this could change next month or next year.  We constantly update this site to keep it fresh and current.

At the moment these are some of the top selling toys and games in 2015 (across all age groups):

Hot Lego Toys

Popular Disney Frozen Toys


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